Why Join our Full Moon Retreats Inner Circle?

Experience the full transformative power of our program by committing to our monthly Women’s Circles events for a full year! We created a holistic Full Moon Program to cover all major issues affecting women, from body image to healthy relationships, and everything in between.  

We believe in consistency.  It is only through consistent action that we achieve the amazing results we all seek. Showing up is the first step. Our inner circle is a group of women who hold themselves accountable to show up for themselves and each other.  They cater to their needs, in a gentle, nurturing, exciting path of continuous discovery, self improvement, and authenticity.  

As an Inner Circle insider, you will share in a myriad of experiences with a core group of women. You will collaborate towards your ultimate health, happiness, and growth.  You will go to depths that are impossible to reach if left to our own limited devices or in a therapist’s room. You’ll also be invited to join us in celebratory dinners after our week-long retreats, and be a part of our forum to help shape future programs going forward.

Our regular registration cost is $47.00 per event, so besides locking in your discounted price of less than $29.00, you’ll also get an extra ticket to gift to a girlfriend who hasn’t yet attended a Full Moon Retreat event. Your own tickets are transferable too so if you can’t make it to an event, you can share your ticket with someone who would benefit from joining the fun!