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Powerful, Engaging Events for Women

Our Full Moon Women gather once a month in Southern California, typically around San Diego, where the weather is usually as close to perfect as it gets, and the moon fills the skies with wisdom and clarity.

These retreats are focused on our Life by Design Strategies.  Participants embark on a lifelong vision quest, dance around the obstacles they meet along their path, and strengthen their focus in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The retreats are experiential and interactive, with fun and laughter as the main ingredients.

“A fun, playful yet deep experience. Felt good to be present with myself and others” ~ Kim

“There is nothing more powerful than a group of women coming together with positive intentions and open minds” ~ Jacki Leak

Workshop Facilitators

Our retreat leaders and keynote speakers include all female medical doctors, professional storytellers, shamans, musicians, and all around inspiring women that are guaranteed to shake your foundations and raise you to a better you!

We craft retreats that enhance qualities typically associated with the feminine, such as intuition, kinship, and softness.We lead unique retreats that promote a holistic view of personal growth, mental health, and well-being.

Our top-notch licensed psychotherapists, medical professionals, nutritionists, and bodywork therapists will help you let go of habits that do not serve you and live the life you were intended to have.

Please come prepared.  We do not sit around.  We go deep and challenge you to tap into your inner wisdom, to reclaim our more brilliant, authentic self. Because of this, if you are currently suffering from serious mental disorders, we discourage you from applying at this moment, as our retreats may unveil deep feelings that you may not be ready to process.

If your idea of personal growth includes fun, laughter, dance, silliness, connection with others, and creativity, while being pampered and supported by an amazing group of peers, our retreats are for you!

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We host retreats in the most beautiful, luxurious locations.

Please ask us about our retreats specifically for:

* Couples who want to deepen their relationship and renew their vows
* Healthy Relationships Groups (all genders)
* Corporate and Team Building Retreats
* Family Reunions

Hey, don’t be shy.  It is perfectly OK to ask us about tailoring an event for your specific group needs! We do that.