2018 Women’s Retreat Schedule

2018 Summer Series, Date TBD
Decisions, Decisions

Conquering Indecision; Making Powerful Choices to Guide Your Life. Take time to reflect and gain clarity about what you want.

2018 Summer Series, Date TBD
Weekend Getaway!
Get some R&R with some Full Moon Sisters. Stay tuned for details

Saturday September 22, 2018Healthy Relationships
Explore ideas like boundaries, assertiveness, getting your needs met, meeting your partner’s needs and clear communication. Enjoy an organic, GF vegetarian dinner and a Labyrinth walk

Saturday October  27, 2018: The Wisdom of Your Body
Reclaim your power, and your body. Get empowering self-care ideas and enjoy enriching experiences with other women

Saturday December 1, 2018: Pamper Yourself
Experience all the senses; rest and relax. Take some time away from the busy outside world; we believe you deserve it!


Saturday January 5, 2019: Your New You
Review of the past year and set your intentions for 2019. Your Life Purpose- Ikigai  (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept which means “a reason for being.”

Saturday February 2, 2019: Gratitude Heals
Explore learned optimism, abundance, trust, love, Reiki and Healing Touch

Saturday March 2, 2019: Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Saturday April 6, 2019: TBD

Make Peace with your Past
An opportunity to reclaim the space that may be occupied by things that bring you down; rewrite the stories you tell yourself that could hold you back

Healing From Difficulties
The Art of Broken Pieces: embracing your “Allness” How to reintegrate past traumas and difficulties into your life.
Let go of the past, things that may hold you back and what doesn’t serve you. Open up space for new, exciting things to happen