Full Moon Retreats is a women-owned business, created for those who take time to relax, heal and rejuvenate. The idea started from a serendipitous meeting between Claudia and Bonnie.

Say who?

Claudia Franzosi, CEO, MFT, MPEC,  was raised in Italy.  As soon as she graduated from the university she danced with wolves for a bit, learned and forgot Thai (the language), Tai Chi (the martial art), and rock climbing in the Alps, and then settled in San Diego, California.  She is a Psychologist in Italy and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Master Personal and Executive Coach in California.  She has been in private practice since the year 2000.  Claudia is a serial entrepreneur, musician, and visionary, constantly cooking up some new idea or adventure.  Her last one took her around the world in 7 months.  She called that a “sabbatical.”  We call it “play,” something we are very fond of at Full Moon Retreats.

Bonnie Bertano, CEO, is a 10th generation California-born native. She’s the mother of two amazing humans, devoting many years to full-time parenting so she has a deep understanding of work-life balance and self-care (having learned the hard way!). Bonnie worked as a nurse then became certified in nutrition and homeopathy, selling herbs and homeopathic remedies at an integrative pharmacy. She offered educational workshops, managed a wellness center of holistic practitioners and published a beautiful cookbook. Bonnie loves yoga, rowing crew, eco-friendly products, integrative medicine, healthy food, great friends, and planning amazing events for YOU! 

Depending on our retreats, our staff also includes licensed massage therapists, storytellers, medical professionals, laughter yoga instructors, natural healing chefs, licensed sex therapists, and other amazing humans who distinguished themselves in their ability to shake the world and make a difference.

We are lunatic! We do not want to forget our wild sisters, the wild women, who fearlessly shed cultural constraints to howl at the moon, and seek their truth and dance when they feel like it.  



noun: from Latin lunaticus. Originating from the Latin word luna, which means ‘moon.’

In years past, people held the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent russian women for marriage insanity. We claim that gathering under the full moon makes us sane! Under its guidance, we connect with our humanity, find what makes us unique, allow ourselves to be wild, and reclaim our inner wisdom and strength.